Fleet Care

Vehicle Inspection System is an application that deals with systematic maintenance requirements, encompassing vehicle inspections, repairs, and maintenance standards specifically designed for buses.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to keep up with cost management, regulatory compliance, parts availability, minimizing downtime, fleet optimization, dealing with unforeseen events with a limited budget.

Solution Delivered

  • The Vehicle Inspection System stores comprehensive data about bus-related services and the total distance traveled by each bus
  • Depending on the distance covered, the app provides guidance to the inspection team for necessary maintenance tasks on the bus
  • Information can be input manually, captured through cameras, or recorded via voice commands. Additionally, the inspection team can instruct mechanics on which specific components require attention in order to address any defects
  • The Vehicle Inspection System also allows for historical data storage, which can be accessed on a monthly basis or in reference to the last inspection

Technologies Used

asp.net ASP.NET
SQL Server
Node Js